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Anjem Choudary, Prominent Islamist Preacher, Charged with Terror Offences

Prominent Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary, known for his controversial views, finds himself entangled in a web of terror-related accusations, as reported by the Metropolitan Police. Aged 56 and residing in east London, Choudary was apprehended in conjunction with 28-year-old Khaled Hussein, a Canadian national, shortly after the latter’s arrival at Heathrow Airport. The charges leveled […]

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US World News

“Biden Administration Forgives $39 Billion in Student Debt for 804,000 borrowers- Report”

In a move that will bring a sense of relief to countless borrowers, the Joe Biden-led administration in the United States has made a landmark decision to automatically cancel $39 billion in student debt. As reported by CNBC, this bold step will impact a substantial number of individuals, with approximately 804,000 borrowers set to benefit […]

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PM Modi: UPI Payments Set to Unite India & France at Eiffel Tower

In a momentous announcement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed that India’s highly acclaimed Unified Payments System (UPI) will be introduced in France. Speaking to the Indian community in Paris, PM Modi shared that India and France have reached an agreement to embrace UPI in the country, starting with its deployment at the renowned Eiffel Tower. […]

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