Sherri Shepherd Remembers ‘The View’ Co-Creator Bill Geddie: A Profound Tribute
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Sherri Shepherd Remembers ‘The View’ Co-Creator Bill Geddie: A Profound Tribute


Sherri Shepherd, the former co-host of “The View,” is paying tribute to her dear friend and mentor, Bill Geddie, following the announcement of his passing over the weekend. During a heartfelt appearance on the ABC talk show on Monday, Shepherd fondly remembered the profound impact Geddie had on her life and career. As one of the co-creators of “The View” alongside Barbara Walters and an executive producer, Geddie played a vital role in shaping the show’s success.

Recalling the moment when Geddie invited her to join “The View” in 2007, Shepherd described herself as a single mother, recently divorced, and a stand-up comic with limited knowledge of politics. Despite her apprehensions, Geddie firmly believed that people would connect with her and encouraged her to find her authentic voice.

Shepherd humorously reminisced about an incident during her early days on the show when she mistakenly questioned whether the Earth was round or flat. Geddie’s response, “This is ratings, baby,” exemplified his unwavering commitment to fostering diverse perspectives on “The View” and his refusal to dwell on apologies.

In an Instagram post on Friday, “The View” shared the news of Geddie’s death, paying tribute to his pioneering contributions to television and his cherished role as a co-creator and executive producer of the show for 17 years. The post also included a heartfelt statement from Geddie’s family, describing him as a significant figure in TV and a larger-than-life husband and father.

In her own Instagram post, Shepherd expressed her devastation over Geddie’s passing, acknowledging his belief in her talents and how he played a transformative role in her career. She regarded him as a mentor, a great leader, and a dear friend, thankful for the guidance and encouragement he provided throughout the first season of “The Sherri Show.”

As Sherri Shepherd mourns the loss of her treasured friend and the television industry reflects on the legacy of Bill Geddie, his profound impact on those he mentored and the enduring success of “The View” serve as a testament to his lasting influence in the world of television.

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