John Stamos Wanted to Exit ‘Full House’ as Jodie Sweetin’s Humor Stole the Spotlight
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John Stamos Wanted to Exit ‘Full House’ as Jodie Sweetin’s Humor Stole the Spotlight

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John Stamos, the adored TV star recognized for his role in “Full House,” recently disclosed his initial ambivalence towards the show upon joining the cast. Candidly discussing the matter on the latest episode of “Hot Ones,” Stamos shared his evolution from skepticism to affection, ultimately falling in love with the series that became a cultural sensation.

One of the primary reasons for his early disdain was a misperception about the show’s genre. Stamos disclosed that it was not presented to him as a heartwarming family comedy but rather likened to the 1980s sitcom “Bosom Buddies,” where characters disguised themselves as women to share an affordable one-bedroom apartment.

However, a significant turning point came during one of the initial table reads, where he witnessed Jodie Sweetin’s brilliant portrayal of Stephanie evoking uproarious laughter from the audience. This revelation challenged his preconceived notions, making him reconsider his stance on the show. Although he contemplated leaving, Stamos ultimately chose to stay, embracing the iconic role of Uncle Jesse, a character integral to the loving upbringing of his brother-in-law’s three endearing daughters.

In retrospect, Stamos acknowledged that he had resisted the show’s appeal for some time, but a profound realization altered his perspective. He came to understand that the heart of “Full House” lay not in any single character, but in its portrayal of love and family values. This newfound appreciation allowed him to fully immerse himself in the show’s sweetness and ultimately contribute to its lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

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