Hulkenberg Embraces His ‘Barbie Movie’ Vibe at Haas, Adding Humor
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Hulkenberg Embraces His ‘Barbie Movie’ Vibe at Haas, Adding Humor


Nico Hulkenberg, the Haas Formula One driver, made a bold and eye-catching statement at the Hungarian Grand Prix on Thursday with his striking dyed bleach blond look. Good-naturedly, Hulkenberg humorously referred to it as his “Barbie movie vibe,” setting a light-hearted tone for the press conference at the Hungaroring. When asked if his new hairstyle was the result of a bet, Hulkenberg playfully responded, “No, not a bet… you know, that Barbie movie came out and I thought a bit of extra PR for me would be pretty handy this time of the season. Actually, no, I wasn’t aware of it. I didn’t really play with Barbie and Ken when I was a child. So I just ran into this one and bad timing, I guess.”

Beyond the playful banter, Hulkenberg recognized that his U.S.-owned team might encounter challenges during the upcoming weekend, despite implementing some minor upgrades to the car’s floor. He expressed hope that these enhancements would give them a competitive edge, but he remained mindful of the intensely close competition in the field. As he emphasized, every session and every lap would hold immense importance.

Looking ahead to the qualifying session, Hulkenberg anticipated some hurdles due to the new rules governing tire usage. The requirement to use hard tires in Q1 (the first phase) presented a potential disadvantage for Haas. However, he embraced the challenge with a determined attitude, prepared to face the obstacles head-on.

Adding to the complexity of the race weekend, the 11th round of the season introduced the first ‘Alternative Tyre Allocation’ (ATA) event. This meant specific tire compounds were mandated for each phase of qualifying, eliminating the teams’ usual freedom of tire choice. The phases were defined by hard tires for the first phase, mediums for the second, and softs for the final top 10 shootout.

As the season progressed, Haas currently held the eighth position overall in the standings after ten races, with Hulkenberg contributing nine of their 11 points earned so far. The team remained determined and resolute in their pursuit of success in the fiercely competitive world of Formula One racing, aiming to make the most of the opportunities that lay ahead.

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