Western NY Preps for Strong Thunderstorms – Will Mother Nature’s Fury Strike?
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Western NY Preps for Strong Thunderstorms – Will Mother Nature’s Fury Strike?


Residents of Western New York (WNY) are advised to brace themselves for what meteorologists predict could be an eventful weather evening. A line of potent thunderstorms, bolstered by a cold front advancing from the Central Great Lakes region, is projected to sweep through WNY tonight.

According to forecasts, the anticipated thunderstorms are likely to arrive between 8:00 PM and midnight, traversing the region from west to east. The entire area has been placed under a severe thunderstorm watch, effective until 3:00 AM Friday morning.

By 9:00 to 10:00 PM, showers and thunderstorms are expected to take shape in the vicinity of Rochester, with the line’s movement further eastward into Central New York after midnight. The potential storms may entail locally intense downpours, hail, strong winds of approximately 60 mph, and brilliant cloud-to-ground lightning.

Despite the threats posed by these weather disturbances, authorities reassure residents that the storms will be fast-moving, thus lessening the risk of localized flooding. Nevertheless, precipitation amounts could still vary between 1/4″ to as much as an inch this evening.

As the main storm system responsible for this rainfall continues its eastward drift into Friday, there remains a possibility of another shower or isolated thunderstorm sparked by a small piece of energy accompanying the system.

Residents are urged to take precautionary measures by securing outdoor objects, such as patio umbrellas and loose items, to safeguard against the potential impact of locally strong thunderstorms around the Rochester area. For up-to-date weather updates, residents can conveniently access the 13WHAM Weather Authority through their cell phones.

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