“Sofía Vergara & Joe Manganiello to Split: Couple Announces Divorce Plans”
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“Sofía Vergara & Joe Manganiello to Split: Couple Announces Divorce Plans”

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After nearly eight years of marriage, Hollywood power couple Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello have decided to part ways. The couple made the announcement in a joint statement provided to PageSix on Monday, acknowledging the difficult decision they have made.

In their statement, Vergara and Manganiello expressed their enduring love and care for each other while also requesting privacy during this challenging period of their lives. The couple’s decision to divorce marks a significant shift in their relationship, prompting speculation and interest from their fans and the public.

CNN has reached out to representatives for both Vergara and Manganiello for further comments or statements regarding their separation. As news of their impending divorce spreads, fans and followers anxiously await any additional information or insights that may shed light on the circumstances surrounding their split.

The union between Vergara, known for her role in the popular TV series “Modern Family,” and Manganiello, recognized for his appearances in “Magic Mike” and other notable films, was sealed in a lavish Palm Beach wedding back in 2015. The glamorous event captured the attention of many, as glimpses of the celebration were shared on Vergara’s Instagram page.

The couple’s journey began in 2014 when they embarked on a romantic relationship, which swiftly blossomed. Just six months into their courtship, Manganiello proposed to Vergara, sealing their love in a whirlwind romance that captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Although both Vergara and Manganiello have been active on social media in recent weeks, sharing personal photos and messages, keen observers have noted a change in their dynamic. While Manganiello took to social media to wish Vergara a happy birthday earlier this month, Vergara’s recent posts from her Italian birthday vacation lack any presence of her soon-to-be ex-husband.

As the news of their impending divorce reverberates throughout the entertainment industry, fans and well-wishers remain curious about the factors that led to this decision and the future paths that Vergara and Manganiello will embark on individually.

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