Eric Young Makes Epic Return at Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary 2023!
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Eric Young Makes Epic Return at Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary 2023!

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In a dramatic twist that caught the wrestling world off guard, former Impact World Champion Eric Young has resurfaced in Impact Wrestling, reclaiming his spot at the center stage of the action. Following earlier rumors surrounding Young’s departure from WWE, the highly anticipated Slammiversary event finally provided the answers fans had been desperately seeking. Young’s grand return came in the form of Scott D’Amore’s enigmatic partner, joining forces to take on the formidable team of Bully Ray and Cody Deaner. The electrifying atmosphere was set ablaze as Young, alongside D’Amore, delivered a remarkable performance, securing a triumphant comeback to the promotion.

The revelation proved to be a staggering shock for Deaner, who had orchestrated Young’s dramatic on-screen demise, believing it would signal his permanent departure from Impact programming. The audacious act of stabbing Young left fans bewildered, questioning the fate of their beloved wrestler. Young’s previous stint in WWE remained shrouded in mystery, as he never made an appearance in front of the camera. Wrestling enthusiasts yearned to witness Young’s skills once more after his involvement with the SAnitY stable on “WWE NXT.”

Sadly, Young’s much-anticipated return to WWE was abruptly curtailed by the resurgence of the industry titan, Vince McMahon. Plans were supposedly in motion to unveil Young’s captivating storyline following WrestleMania 39, sparking excitement throughout the wrestling community. However, McMahon’s return coincided with the shocking news of the WWE-UFC merger, an earth-shattering development that rocked the industry and sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling landscape.

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