Rossnowlagh Celebrates Stunning Orange Parade in Donegal
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Rossnowlagh Celebrates Stunning Orange Parade in Donegal


The seaside village of Rossnowlagh in County Donegal experienced a surge in attendees as thousands of people congregated for the annual Orange Order parade. The event showcased a diverse gathering, with up to sixty lodges participating from Donegal, as well as counties Cavan, Leitrim, and Monaghan. Adding to the spectacle were lodges from across Northern Ireland, who traditionally choose Rossnowlagh as the site for their pre-Twelfth parade. Enthusiastic visitors from overseas also contributed to the lively atmosphere.

Anticipating the march, Donegal County Grand Master David Mahon expressed optimism, disregarding concerns about inclement weather. Mahon acknowledged the recent damp conditions, stating, “It’s just been a bit wet in the lead-up to Saturday.” Nevertheless, he expected the participation of approximately 35 to 50 bands and between 50 and 60 lodges, contingent upon the ever-changing weather forecast. The allure of a family-friendly affair attracted attendees from both near and far, fostering a buoyant spirit throughout the event. Mahon emphasized the harmonious relationship between the Orange Order and the wider community, highlighting the invaluable support received from all sectors.

In addition, Mahon highlighted the enduring strength of the Orange Order in County Donegal. “We have lodges ranging from 10 members to as many as 75 members,” he revealed. Among the highlights of the parade was the inaugural appearance of the Doorin Flute Band, hailing from the nearby town of Killybegs. The band was given pride of place near the start of the parade, recognized for their significant contribution to the festivities.

Mandy Ellis, a member of the Doorin band, expressed her delight at the band’s involvement, stating, “This is a remarkable day for our band to be part of the parade.” Ellis emphasized the excitement among members who were experiencing the unique thrill of playing their instruments while marching for the first time. Additionally, Joe Cully, a former resident of Shankill Road now residing in Canada, shared his joy at returning home for the occasion. Having left in the 1970s, Cully made it a point to come back to Northern Ireland for the Twelfth, cherishing the opportunity to visit the picturesque county of Donegal.

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