FC Barcelona Teams Up with Isotonic Drink Brand PRIME – A New Dynamic Partnership

FC Barcelona Teams Up with Isotonic Drink Brand PRIME – A New Dynamic Partnership

FC Barcelona and isotonic beverage brand PRIME have agreed upon a three-year partnership to make PRIME the official hydration partner of the club starting July 1.

PRIME’s hydration products will be seen at many of the games, training sessions and even in the dressing rooms for men’s, women’s and youth teams. They will also feature in Palau Blaugrana.

This innovative brand was founded in 2022 by two well-known celebrities from the US and UK – Logan Paul, a professional wrestler, actor and influencer from the US, and KSI, a rapper, boxer and YouTuber from Britain. In just over a decade, PRIME has gained great traction not only in the US and UK, but across Europe as well and has quickly become one of the leading hydration brands out there.

So far, both parties have expressed enthusiasm about this exciting venture – so make sure to stay tuned for more news regarding PRIME and FC Barcelona’s new partnership!

FC Barcelona is upping its international presence by joining forces with PRIME, a brand renowned for its coconut-based products. Containing vital components such as branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) to promote muscle recovery, B vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes, the array of stimulating flavors – including lemonade, strawberry watermelon, grape, blue raspberry, orange, lemon lime, meta moon, ice pop and tropical punch – make this an exciting agreement for both parties. As one of the most sought-after sports organizations in the world, FC Barcelona continues to strive not only for greatness on the field but also in the business sector.

Vice President of Marketing Area Juli Guiu proudly declared that this was an ” stragetic deal” for the Club, designed to promote healthier lifestyles among younger audiences across the globe.

Founded with the aim of enhancing hydration during sporting activities, PRIME will help FC Barcelona tap into a generation of fans who seek out fun and exciting new products. As Juli Guiu said, this is a chance to show that sport can be a great source of joy when combined with healthy lifestyle choices.

Logan Paul and KSI, founders of PRIME, are thrilled at the opportunity to be part of this partnership. “We could not be more proud and excited to join one of the most iconic teams in sport as their Official Hydration Partner,” they said. “Whether it’s a mid-game refuel or post-training recovery, we can’t wait for the FC Barcelona family to level up with PRIME. We look forward to supporting each and every Barca player in their journey and inspiring the next generation to play and enjoy PRIME.”

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